St Paul's Methodist Centre Aberystwyth

The centre is located in the centre of Aberystwyth, within easy reach of the whole town

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At St Paul’s Methodist Centre in Aberystwyth, we have a number of rooms available for hire and we are pleased that the premises are used by a number of charities and community groups. All rooms are accessible to the disabled since there are no steps and there is a lift to the upper floor. KEYS There are a very limited number of keys for the various parts of the building, and they are expensive (£10 each). It is therefore essential that all users of the building adhere to a rigid discipline in the following way: Please arrange for a responsible member of your group to collect a key from the Coffee Bar in the Centre on the morning of the day you are to use the building, or if it is a morning booking, the day before. The Coffee Bar hours are normally as follows: Monday to Friday: 11.00am—1.30pm Saturday: Closed You will be asked to sign for the key when it is handed to you and you will be given instructions on how to return it. A charge may be made for lost or unreturned keys. GENERAL REGULATIONS 1. We are anxious that all users of the building should feel comfortable, welcome, and well provided for. To this end, please do report anything which you find unsatisfactory so that we can give it our immediate attention. We would ask you to leave the premises in the same condition as you found them. Only in this way can we maintain a high standard for all users. Any damage incurred to either the fabric of the building or any equipment provided is the responsibility of, and must be paid for by, the hirer. Please also be considerate to groups meeting in other rooms by not making a noise when entering and leaving meeting rooms. 2. If your event involves collection of a payment, please arrange to do this at the point of delivery inside the building, not as an ‘entrance fee’ at the door. For example, payment for coffee should be made at the service hatch where it is supplied. 3. Building Security. Please be aware of building security whilst your group is using the premises. This may involve locking the front door during your meeting. Fire doors should remain closed under all normal circumstances. If you see one is open, please close it immediately, especially before you leave the building. There is a telephone for emergency use only in the Kitchen. 4. Safeguarding Young People. The Methodist Church has developed Safeguarding Policies in line with the government Code of Practice, which are available on request. Please inform the Bookings Secretary if your activity involves children under 18 years of age. Any group involving children under the age of 18 years must comply with the Home Office ‘Safe from Harm’ Code of Practice, and will be required to sign a Safeguarding Declaration indicating that they understand this. If you are unclear what your responsibilities are, do not hesitate to ask. When such a group is using the building, the premises will not be available for use by any other people. 5. Fire. Instructions in case of fire are given within the building. Please read these and make sure you know where fire appliances and emergency exits are. Fire alarm control boxes are located by each exit from the building and can be used in an emergency to activate the alarm 6. Health and Safety. If at any time your meeting / event uses extra electrical equipment, you must ensure that this conforms to the appropriate standard. Please ensure cable covers are used. These are available from the store room nearest to the organ in the Main Hall. 7. Liability for Damage. While the Church insurance policy provides limited cover for occasional use by non-church groups, we wish to emphasise that regular users should themselves hold public liability insurance throughout the period of use. 8. Kitchen. The kitchen is available for hire. You are welcome to use the crockery but you must bring your own food and drink. Any food and drink already in the kitchen is for use only by coffee bar staff. 9. Restrictions. The Methodist Church Deed upon which the property is established includes the following restrictions, which must be complied with: a) No alcohol may be brought onto the premises for any purpose, including sale, consumption or as a prize. b) In accordance with government legislation no smoking is allowed in any part of the building (including the toilets!). 10. Cancellations. If, after making a booking, you find that you have to cancel the arrangements, please let us know straight away. This is particularly important in the heating season, as you will appreciate.

Seating Capacity
Other Rooms

Octagon (restricted availability): A peaceful chapel with room for 50+. Open for quiet prayer on weekdays 11.00 - 13.30 (when coffee bar is open) & available for hire for evening meetings. Lounge: A light, airy room downstairs, to the left of the main door, with room for 15 people Concourse (restricted availability): Space for around 20 seated around tables/30 in a row. Room 2:Comfortably seats up to 10 people. Room 3: Space for 20 chairs in a circle. Tea/coffee making facilities available.

Disabled Access
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Portable stage
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Equipment available
Projector Screen, Broadband, Flipchart
Mobile Phone Signal Available
Orange/EE, Vodaphone, 02, BT mobile, T-mobile
Public Liability
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Valid Fire Certificate
Kitchen Utilities
Hot and cold water, Tea urn, Cooker, Microwave, Fridge, Cutlery, Crockery, Other
Hire Charges

Main Hall £17.50 / hr £25.00 / hr Lounge £4.00 / hr £6.00 / hr Octagon Hall (restricted) £14.50 / hr £18.00 / hr Room 2 (first floor) £4.00 / hr £6.00 / hr Room 3 (first floor) £4.50 / hr £7.00 / hr Kitchen £8.50 / session £12.00 / session Concourse £8.00 / hr £12.00 / hr

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